18th December 2015

“‘Tis the season to be jolly fala lala la la la la la”,  or perhaps your shepherds are washing their socks while the three kings of Leicester Square are busy selling ladies undergarments.  Whatever your feelings about Christmas, whether you are Christian or not you cannot avoid the sounds of Christmas songs and carols at this time of year.  Some can be quite earwormy.  I am currently singing Come and Join the Celebration  over and over again to the distress of all around me.  Do click the link, I do like to share!

Like food, music is central to all celebrations religious or secular.  My grandfather was a superb self taught pianist and during the war it was open house on Friday and Saturday nights with everyone singing around the piano.  My father remembers being sent out to buy more beer!  The car songs of my youth (On top of Old Smokey, Maizy dotes and Dozy dotes, He lay in his hammock and smoked a cigar, On Ilkla Moor baht ‘at and endless Irish and Scottish folksongs), songs I learned at school and still remember today.  They are all part of me.  But at this time of year I revert to a little girl and want to hear all the Christmas music.  I don’t care if it’s Slade or Haydn as long as it is Christmassy I am happy.

Today put on some celebration music.  It doesn’t have to be Christmas music, you know what celebration music is for you.  Put it on and celebrate today.  You are alive, the world may be troubled but we can always have hope.  Celebrate yourself, your family , your friends, strangers.  Celebrate whatever you want, but put on that music and celebrate.