13 February

I heard on the radio yesterday that, according to the Meteorological Office the end of February officially marks the end of winter. By now, even in the north of England, there are signs that Spring is on its way. The snowdrops are starting to peep through and the catkins are floating in the wind. There ... Read More

3 February

Yesterday was Imbolc and this really should have been yesterday’s post. Forgive me please for being a day behind. It is the celebration of the beginning of spring. If, like me, you are still surrounded by snow and ice and the thermometer only occasionally goes above zero, you could be forgiven for thinking that rather ... Read More

27 January

One of the most beautiful things at this time of the year is the way that the light changes how everything looks. The trees may be bare, the fields are muddy, the streets are grey and even the daffodils and snowdrops have yet to break through and add some colour to the world. But almost ... Read More

25 January

Today is a soup kind of day. Not too cold, not exactly wet but damp and grey. I need something to cuddle me from the inside. I also do not want to have to go out or spend any money. Vegetable soup it is. An inventory of the vegetable rack, pantry and fridge has revealed ... Read More

15 January

couple of days ago we decided it was time to give the fridge and freezer a good post Christmas clearout. No food was to be purchased unless absolutely essential, we were going to eat down the eclectic mix of bits and bobs. One particular favourite of ours is sweet potato and stilton pie. I know ... Read More

14 January

Rest and renewal. This is the time of year when we don’t tend to stray far from home, we don’t exactly hibernate but, like the bears and the hedgehogs and all the other mammals that bed down for the winter, we slow down, conserve our energy and plan for the spring. Look outside, the trees ... Read More


I had a eureka moment this summer.  Actually that’s a lie, it was more of an aaaaaaaaaah realisation moment.  One of those moments when stuff that has always seemed a bit out of kilter suddenly makes perfect sense. I have always thought of myself as an autumn/winter person.  The kind of person who loves snuggling ... Read More