World Happiness Day

World Happiness Day

Today is an unusual day for several reasons There is a solar eclipse (and for once, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere could see it!); There is a supermoon (the moon is as close to the earth as possible and so appears much larger than normal); It is the March Equinox and the day ... Read More

8 February

Moving on from colour. What can you smell? And most importantly do you like it? Scent preference is highly personal Some smells, generally considered to be unpleasant such as petrol or sweat are favourite odours, whilst other people find the smell of some flowers for example highly unpleasant. My children love the smell of ironing. ... Read More

7 February

As I write there are 34 minutes until sunset. The days are getting longer but it is a bit of a wait until we are at the stage of long languid summer evenings. However, instead we are blessed with the most magical light. The fields are almost golden. If I didn’t know that it was ... Read More

19 January

When you wake up in the morning what do you see when you look around your bedroom? Is it an oasis of calm or is there are pile of ironing on the floor, your laptop on your dressing table and yesterday’s clothes on the floor? It is not coincidence that many books and experts on ... Read More

11 January

We all know the story of the swan, calm and serene gliding across the water and battling her legs as fast as she can underneath. When I had three children under three (twins and a toddler) people would come up to me and say “I don’t know how you manage.” The truth was I wasn’t ... Read More