2 February

Do you have an evening routine? Does it go something like this:  Eat supper whilst watching the news on the television. Put plates in the dishwasher Pull shirt from washing pile and iron it for tomorrow Pour another glass of wine Collapse in front of television Crawl up to bed Toss and turn Finally fall ... Read More

28 January

As I write I can hear the gentle snores of our Newfoundland. She is a genuine gentle giant and I am sure she thinks she is a good deal smaller than she actually is. However, her large size does mean that she snores more and more loudly than our smaller dogs. Somehow her snoring doesn’t ... Read More

22 January

Sleep. It can be a touchy subject. Insomnia, late nights, essay crises, alarm clocks, early starts. Just writing that list made me a bit twitchy. We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential to good health. I know I can tell the difference in the morning if I have slept well, and so ... Read More