2 February

Do you have an evening routine? Does it go something like this:  Eat supper whilst watching the news on the television. Put plates in the dishwasher Pull shirt from washing pile and iron it for tomorrow Pour another glass of wine Collapse in front of television Crawl up to bed Toss and turn Finally fall ... Read More

21 January

As I type it is fairly dark and very cold. We have a power cut. There is snow and ice outside and we are wrapped up in gloves, scarves, warm boots and the wonderfully named slankit. It was a planned cut so I knew this morning that any essential emails and messages had to be ... Read More

19 January

When you wake up in the morning what do you see when you look around your bedroom? Is it an oasis of calm or is there are pile of ironing on the floor, your laptop on your dressing table and yesterday’s clothes on the floor? It is not coincidence that many books and experts on ... Read More

18 January

When I first left home to go to university my mother and I went shopping for kitchen basics and a few bits and pieces to make my austere room feel a little more like home. Last summer I did the same thing with my eldest daughter. We had a lovely day comparing pans and trying ... Read More