Artist’s Date

Artist’s Date

Today I went on an Artist’s Date.  The idea is to woo your inner artist or perhaps your inner child. Whatever you want to call that part of you that is bursting with ideas but is never allowed to put them into action because the “sensible” you says they are not practical/realistic/financially worthwhile/blah blah blah, ... Read More

10 February

Today is taste day. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to lick your table or chew on your shower curtain. I am going to ask you to get that notebook of yours out. It shouldn’t take long to find because you keep it by you at all times…. don’t you ? Taste ... Read More

5 February

After the shock of yesterday I have been keeping a close eye on River. She appears much recovered, has developed a passion for scrambled egg and, fortunately, is showing no interest in her stitches. Even in our rather large house a Newfoundland with a massive lampshade collar would be somewhat inconvenient for everyone including River. ... Read More

1 February

This month we are going to continue the theme of simplicity, stripping down to the core of who we are, identifying the real you. For only then can we move on to discover what makes our hearts sing and live the life that fulfils, develops, nurtures and grows. Do you remember being told off for ... Read More

17 January

If you are still struggling to use your notebook, if you open it and your pen hovers nervously over the page then perhaps this exercise might help you. Today you and your notebook are going to live your dream life. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Write a ... Read More

16 January

How are you getting on with your notebook? Have you written much in it yet? The clue to the good use of a notebook is in the name. NOTEbook. You write/draw/doodle notes of things you have noticed.   You can’t notice things if you are running around, if you have your eyes closed, if you don’t ... Read More

7 January

I love notebooks. When I was a little girl I thought about becoming a teacher purely because they had a stationery cupboard. There is something about fresh paper, for me unlined, and a pretty cover that is just so delicious. Many companies have made a lot of money out of my search for the perfect ... Read More