World Happiness Day

World Happiness Day

Today is an unusual day for several reasons There is a solar eclipse (and for once, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere could see it!); There is a supermoon (the moon is as close to the earth as possible and so appears much larger than normal); It is the March Equinox and the day ... Read More

10 February

Today is taste day. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to lick your table or chew on your shower curtain. I am going to ask you to get that notebook of yours out. It shouldn’t take long to find because you keep it by you at all times…. don’t you ? Taste ... Read More

21 January

As I type it is fairly dark and very cold. We have a power cut. There is snow and ice outside and we are wrapped up in gloves, scarves, warm boots and the wonderfully named slankit. It was a planned cut so I knew this morning that any essential emails and messages had to be ... Read More

12 January

Virginia Woolf maintained that every woman should have a room of her one. Personally I rather thought she was underselling herself, I think utter bliss would be to have a tiny cottage of my own. Large enough for me but too small for anyone to come and visit other than for an hour or so, ... Read More

January 9

  “Slow down you’re moving to fast, got make the morning last….” Simon and Garfunkel certainly knew what they were talking about. How many times have you heard somebody say that the previous year just sped past? It didn’t go any faster than the years of your childhood. And for most of us, childhood years ... Read More

7 January

I love notebooks. When I was a little girl I thought about becoming a teacher purely because they had a stationery cupboard. There is something about fresh paper, for me unlined, and a pretty cover that is just so delicious. Many companies have made a lot of money out of my search for the perfect ... Read More