11 February

So finally we come to hearing. What sounds surround you? Do you choose them or are they inflicted upon you? Right now I can hear the gentle rumble of the heater, the chirruping of my daughter’s parrot and the flapping of her wings as she flies around me. There is the sound of the tapping ... Read More

16 January

How are you getting on with your notebook? Have you written much in it yet? The clue to the good use of a notebook is in the name. NOTEbook. You write/draw/doodle notes of things you have noticed.   You can’t notice things if you are running around, if you have your eyes closed, if you don’t ... Read More

3 January

Here in the north of England at this time of year the weather can be very variable. We live in a farmhouse far from the main road along a single track lane. For several years in a row we were snowed in, access only by 4×4 or Shank’s Pony. One particular winter it snowed in ... Read More