15 February

By now I hope you are getting to know yourself, what you like, which senses you use most and are starting to build an idea of what makes your heart sing. Singing is something I do a lot, I don’t mean I waltz across the stage at the Royal Opera House or I give it ... Read More

28 January

As I write I can hear the gentle snores of our Newfoundland. She is a genuine gentle giant and I am sure she thinks she is a good deal smaller than she actually is. However, her large size does mean that she snores more and more loudly than our smaller dogs. Somehow her snoring doesn’t ... Read More

18 January

When I first left home to go to university my mother and I went shopping for kitchen basics and a few bits and pieces to make my austere room feel a little more like home. Last summer I did the same thing with my eldest daughter. We had a lovely day comparing pans and trying ... Read More

11 January

We all know the story of the swan, calm and serene gliding across the water and battling her legs as fast as she can underneath. When I had three children under three (twins and a toddler) people would come up to me and say “I don’t know how you manage.” The truth was I wasn’t ... Read More

5 January

The Japanese have a tradition of having an empty shelf. This is so that there is “space to breathe”. After the Christmas festivities our homes are often a bit topsy turvey. Things have to be moved to fit in the Christmas tree, ornaments put in cupboards in order to display seasonal decorations and the fridge ... Read More

2 January

I have kept a diary on and off for most of my life. During the past 18 months we have been undertaking a hardcore declutter, there was far too much stuff in our lives that was getting in the way of moving forward. One of the boxes I unearthed contained all my diaries. Oh my ... Read More