World Happiness Day

World Happiness Day

Today is an unusual day for several reasons There is a solar eclipse (and for once, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere could see it!); There is a supermoon (the moon is as close to the earth as possible and so appears much larger than normal); It is the March Equinox and the day ... Read More

January 9

  “Slow down you’re moving to fast, got make the morning last….” Simon and Garfunkel certainly knew what they were talking about. How many times have you heard somebody say that the previous year just sped past? It didn’t go any faster than the years of your childhood. And for most of us, childhood years ... Read More

4 January

“Here I am” But are you? We all know that feeling when we get in the car and realise we have arrived at our destination without even noticing what we were doing. It’s slightly scary and occasionally quite irritating when part way through the journey you realise that you actually were intending to go somewhere ... Read More