World Happiness Day

World Happiness Day

Today is an unusual day for several reasons There is a solar eclipse (and for once, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere could see it!); There is a supermoon (the moon is as close to the earth as possible and so appears much larger than normal); It is the March Equinox and the day ... Read More

5 February

After the shock of yesterday I have been keeping a close eye on River. She appears much recovered, has developed a passion for scrambled egg and, fortunately, is showing no interest in her stitches. Even in our rather large house a Newfoundland with a massive lampshade collar would be somewhat inconvenient for everyone including River. ... Read More

4 February

Sometimes a little thing happens that doesn’t seem all that important but has a massive impact on our lives. Today that little thing was a piece of cloth our Newfoundland ate. We didn’t know she had eaten it and I have never been so grateful that River has a fondness for socks. She had been ... Read More