17 January

If you are still struggling to use your notebook, if you open it and your pen hovers nervously over the page then perhaps this exercise might help you. Today you and your notebook are going to live your dream life. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Write a ... Read More
aprons and dolmades

aprons and dolmades

Turkey was wonderful.  The weather was hard, clear blue skies every day.  I believe we did see one cloud, but it was small and clearly lost.  One of the things I love about coming back from holiday is digging out old recipes and experimenting with recreating the foods we ate whilst we were away.  One ... Read More

101 things you could let go of right now

I love lists.  Don’t you?  That immensely satisfying feeling as you cross off the things you have done.  Decluttering is perfect for list makers.  You can break up the clutter by room, by cupboard, by person, by subject area.  Oddly enough, I have done none of these things.  I have just started in one part ... Read More