From Chaos to Calm

From Chaos to Calm

Seven simple things you can change in your daily life that will up the calm quotient and knock back the chaos. 1.    STOP. Seriously, slow down for just a moment.  The world will not come to an end if you don’t manage to squeeze in one more thing from your to do list before you ... Read More

31 January

Earlier this month I asked to you try and create a new habit. On the 9th of January I asked you to slow down, to stop trying to do everything, to stop multitasking and to do one thing at a time and do it well. As I said yesterday we are told it takes 21 ... Read More

28 January

As I write I can hear the gentle snores of our Newfoundland. She is a genuine gentle giant and I am sure she thinks she is a good deal smaller than she actually is. However, her large size does mean that she snores more and more loudly than our smaller dogs. Somehow her snoring doesn’t ... Read More

21 January

As I type it is fairly dark and very cold. We have a power cut. There is snow and ice outside and we are wrapped up in gloves, scarves, warm boots and the wonderfully named slankit. It was a planned cut so I knew this morning that any essential emails and messages had to be ... Read More

12 January

Virginia Woolf maintained that every woman should have a room of her one. Personally I rather thought she was underselling herself, I think utter bliss would be to have a tiny cottage of my own. Large enough for me but too small for anyone to come and visit other than for an hour or so, ... Read More

11 January

We all know the story of the swan, calm and serene gliding across the water and battling her legs as fast as she can underneath. When I had three children under three (twins and a toddler) people would come up to me and say “I don’t know how you manage.” The truth was I wasn’t ... Read More