Questions questions

Personally I love questionnaires I can fill them in for hours but I accept that might be an unusual trait.  So to encourage you to participate in this HUGELY important research I am offering every entrant a copy of my mini declutter course and one lucky winner a £30 Amazon voucher.

Lifecycles is here for you, but in order to offer the services, tips, courses and information you are looking for I need to know a little bit more about you.  Please click on the link below.  It seems to take most people about 3 minutes to complete and you probably spend longer than that discovering which colour your name is on a FB survey!


2 thoughts on “Questions questions

  1. I love questionnaires! Previous results include: my fruit personality is a pink grapefruit (sweet but a bit edgy), my soul colour is yellow, or my soul colour is black (guessing this means my soul is tiger-striped). While your questionnaire didn’t tell me I am best represented by the number 7 or something, it was quick and easy and I hope I’ve helped you out.