Did you get the party invitation?

Did you get the party invitation?

3rd December 2015



The office parties have started. I was in Glasgow last weekend and it seemed that every single public room in the hotel I was staying in was packed to the gunnels with Christmas parties. It was a bit loud but it was happy loud.

Not everyone has a Christmas party invitation. I have been self employed for years and haven’t been to an office Christmas party for decades. To be honest I don’t miss them, but I do have plenty of friends and family so there are still festive meals and parties to be had for me.

Today why not remember those people who don’t have a special dress lined up in the cupboard for a big festive night out. If you have the money why not give something to a local refuge or charity who will be working over the holiday season to ensure everyone has a chance to celebrate with a bit of festive fun.

Love Gillie x