Is your life in balance?

Is your life in balance?


Are you bobbing along?  Riding the waves and keeping your head above water but not actually focusing all that much on where you are going?  I know I did for years. The old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” was pretty much my mantra and we were doing okay and I was sort of okay and why get all hot and sweaty trying to change it?

That was until one day I realised I wasn’t really okay and the thought of bobbing along for the rest of my life (which I rather hoped would be a considerable amount of time) made me feel rather queasy.  Surely there was more than this?

Indeed there was.  I spent a year learning, discovering,reading, talking and more importantly listening.  Vague ideas became more concrete, some key ideas got ditched and some unexpected ideas took front stage.  Bouyed up by the excitement and the enthusiasm I powered ahead faster than I had ever imagined possible. Opportunities poured out of the woodwork, doors opened.  It was wonderful.

But you can’t keep going in sixth gear forever and I slowed down.  The problem was that I then found myself bobbing along. It was easy, it was comfortable and hey, maybe I didn’t want to change the world after all.

But I did.  Want to change the world that is.

As in everything balance is key.  But not balance where you just bob along happily taking in the scenery all the time.  Balance is acknowledging there are times when you do have to pull out all the stops.  You might by excited by it you might be terrified of it or you might just be exhausted at the mere thought but it will have to be done.  On the contrary don’t worry about taking time out to bob along every now and then.  Just don’t get too comfy there.