What do your lights say?

What do your lights say?

16th December 2015

As I drove home from the school run this morning I was admiring all the Christmas trees in the windows as I passed by.  There are plenty of bay windows and the trees all looked gorgeous with their sparkling lights against the grey early morning light.  Some people had Christmas candle bridges and one friend of mine has a beautiful and simple star which she always places alone in her main front window.  I have to admit to a little jealousy for this particular light and every year I search the stores for a similar one but have yet to find one.

What they all have in common is the light against the darkness.  Whether it is the candle in the window as a beacon and welcome for weary travelers, a star to guide shepherds and wise men or the Danish tradition of placing a lit candle in the window on 4th May to celebrate their liberation from Nazi rule in 1945, a simple light is a sign of hope, welcome and celebration.

I can offer welcome and hope.  But how will people know?  I can’t go around with a candle in my hand or with a candle balanced on my head so I have to find other ways.  I can show it through my interaction with others, through my speech and my actions, the tone of my voice, the vocabulary I use, my mannerisms, my facial expressions.

What are you offering and does it match how you speak and act or do they make a different offer to the one you really want to make?

christmas tree