How to power up for an outrageously wonderful life

How to power up for an outrageously wonderful life

profile3Training – what’s your first thought?  Exercise?  Long runs? Dreary corporate training days in a remote business park? Skills updates for plumbers to doctors?

It can be all of those.

When was the last time you undertook any training?  I don’t mean ANY of the above I mean personal development training, improving you?  The chances are you may have read some personal development books and got some useful ideas.  You may have been on a couple of courses either in person or on-line over the past few years.  But at the risk of ending up like Paddy Ashdown … I will eat my  hat if you have a personal development plan.  A plan that says what you want to have learned / what skills you want to have acquired,  how you want to learn them and when you want to have achieved them.

No self-respecting (or indeed successful) business takes a single step without a plan, and a really successful business puts the talent of its workforce at the top of the tree, there is no business without the workforce, all the financial and marketing plans in the world are not worth a bean if the business itself  i.e. the people who work it are not working to the best of their abilities and learning new skills and talents every day.

Why are you not treating yourself like a cutting edge business?  You want the best for yourself and your friends and family, you want satisfaction from the work you do whether it is paid or unpaid.  So step back and make a plan.

What do you need to be able to do in order to achieve your dreams?  What do you need to be able to do in order to get  more out of what you are doing at the moment?  What would you love to be able to do just for your own personal satisfaction?

Write them down, prioritise them.  Research the training options.  There are SO many routes to training today, the internet has transformed how we learn and much of it is free.  Then plan, don’t try to do it all at once, that is a sure-fire way to indigestion.

You are all you can be, but you have to live by design and not by chance.

That picture at the top – that’s me, I’m still a work in progress but at least I know to where I am progressing and how I intend to get there …. do you?