One To One Coaching

Get yourself from AARGH!, to aaahhhh…with LifeCycles

No athlete wins gold without a coach and today it is widely recognised that if you want to get ahead or untangle a particularly difficult problem then a coach is a vital tool. Coaches are able to look at things from a different perspective, can encourage you to reflect when all you want to do is tear your hair out. And best of all we come with lots of tools and tips and tricks, and in my case cake and coloured pens and pencils, all of which help you to get yourself from AAGH to aaahhhh.

We always start with a complementary session, often held in a coffee shop or somewhere where we can walk and chat at the same time. Somewhere where you feel comfortable. If we are to work together on a one to one basis it is vital that you feel comfortable with me and my way of working. Equally, I need to understand your issues and be sure that I am the right person to work with you. I may suggest other coaches or options that I feel may suit your needs best at this particular time.

Ready To Make A Start?

Once you decided that you would like to go forward we can plan your programme. We discuss your budget and what you want to achieve and in what timescale. It may be that we can get you up and raring to go in only a couple of sessions or you might feel more comfortable with a longer ongoing relationship. At all times the ball is in your court and you are free to end the programme at any time.
One to one coaching is charged at £75/hour, travel outside the City of Durham and additional research done by me on your behalf is charged in addition.

Jackie Says

“My heart feels lighter already. thank you, thank you.”

Are you ready to take the first step? Excellent. Then let’s get started.

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