What do you follow?

What do you follow?

6th December 2015



Most people will have their Christmas trees up by now. Some of you may have had it up for over a week already!

In our family we always put a star at the top of the tree. I can still remember the star my mother made out of a Frosties packet and covered with tin foil (I could see Tony the Tiger on the back!) In my husband’s family it was an angel at the top of the tree. So now we compromise and alternate between star and angel each year.

When you put your star or your angel on the top of your tree this year, think about what it represents. A star to follow, an angel to bring good news. What or who do you follow? Are they leading you the way you really want to go? Are your ears open to good news. We hear plenty of bad news, there is good news out there but it so often gets drowned out. Be alert and listen for it.

Love Gillie