How to get Ship Shape and Sorted this September

How to get Ship Shape and Sorted this September

I’ve always preferred September for new starts over January.  I suppose it harks back to the new school year and lots of lovely new pens and pencils, a new geometry set, even school uniform shopping was fun (well possibly not for my mother!).  Everything was fresh, and full of opportunity and possibility.  This would be the year I made it onto the first team for lacrosse, passed all my times table tests with 20/20, got a leading role in the school play etc etc.  Whether it happened or not wasn’t the point, at this moment in time anything was possible.

After the long summer holidays, even the most organised of us notices that timekeeping has gone out of the window a little.  We stay up a little later and stay in bed a little later.  There is less urgency about the washing and no panic to get games kit ready.  Even if it hasn’t been the hottest or driest of summers we tend to become more laid back, let things slip a little and just enjoy going with the flow.

Then September wakes us up with a hefty shove. Suddenly we need our heads screwed on tight and we are expected to become efficient, organised grown-ups overnight.  Where is the list of school dates for next year that we were given in July?  Did we renew the MOT?  When is the MOT due anyway?  Wednesday – your mother’s birthday is THIS Wednesday?

Panic not.  Help is at hand.  What you need is the House Book, the Master Manual that puts you back in charge.  Never miss a birthday, never be the parent that forget the concert/football match/teddy bears’ picnic.  No more begging at the garage to squeeze your car in for its overdue MOT the day before you have to drive to the other end of the country.

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Be the envy of your friends, astound your family and best of all free up all that time you spent looking for lost things/trying to remember stuff you never really cared about anyway for more fun stuff – sipping champagne with your feet up and good book perhaps?!

Love Gillie x

P.S. I love this from The Poke  “What September already? Where did the year go?”