World Happiness Day

World Happiness Day

Today is an unusual day for several reasons

  • There is a solar eclipse (and for once, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere could see it!);
  • There is a supermoon (the moon is as close to the earth as possible and so appears much larger than normal);
  • It is the March Equinox and the day is equal in length to the night.

Much has been said today about the above, and it is an amazing conjunction of events which I believe to be quite significant and influential.  However, today is also World Happiness Day, and that is to what I want to bring your attention.

Some time ago I produced a mind map about what made me happy.  Here it is.  It will probably mean nothing to you as, what makes me happy, and the way that my senses tell me I am happy are probably quite different to yours.  Not only that but you will probably look at the pictures and wonder what left handed elephant drew them using their right hand.  But that’s fine.  Mind maps are maps of your (or in this case my) mind, and heaven knows you probably do not want to get too up close and personal with some of the stuff that goes on in my mind.

Happiness Poster LifeCycles

A little later I produce a poster, this was more generic, the idea was to prompt people to do little things that might get them out of a rut (big great African donga or little scratch in the parquet).


So today, on World Happiness Day I share my poster with you.  Have a go at some of the ideas.  If you are not sure why they should make you happy, drop me a message below and I’ll talk you through them.  Please, if you do like the poster and would like one of your own, don’t download and print it.  Not only will it not be the best quality but I earn my living through helping people discover what makes them happy.  One of the things that makes me happy is earning my living.  I can sell you an A3 poster for £3 including P&P (within the UK).  Less than the price a fancy coffee from a fancy coffee bar chain.

Happy Weekend.