Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday

How many times have you arrived at your destination and not even noticed the journey? Or how many times have you arrived at your destination and suddenly realised that wasn’t where you wanted to go?

Autopilot is good, it allows us to get on with everyday tasks without actually bothering our brain too much and freeing it up to do more useful stuff.  However,  it can have its downsides, it can be stifling, it can block imagination and sit on the grain of an idea and stunt or end its growth.


Have a Wild Wednesday and throw the autopilot and the ordinary out of the window even if only for a little while.  Get out your list of dreams (you don’t have one …. you know the song “if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”) and pick one.  The wildest one you have.

Make it come true.  Okay so you might not be able to skydive today, but you could  have a look at places where you could learn.  You could put “money towards skydiving” on your birthday and christmas present lists.  Moving house might not be practical this afternoon, but there is nothing stopping you spending an hour on the internet researching your dream cottage by the sea and maybe looking at a few garden websites to plan the garden that will go with it.


Even if you haven’t written them down (and you should) we all have dreams, some are practical, some are wild and some are so outrageous that the act of writing them down seems preposterous (do it anyway).  Dreams need to be fed, nurtured, taken out in the fresh air, introduced to your friends and family.  That’s how they prosper.  Leave them in the dark and like a plant they will shrivel and die.


Take out your dreams and give them a Wild Wednesday Whirl, you never know, one of them might just come to life!