The Extraordinary Ordinary

The Extraordinary Ordinary


Today is the first of April, not just the beginning of a wonderful new month full of opportunities, new ideas, people to meet, things to learn, books to read…..  but also traditionally a day of trickery and mayhem.  I love April Fools Day and am never disappointed by the lengths to which some of our more august institutions play along.


Some of my favourite are The Island of San SeriffeThe Spaghetti Harvest,   The Left Handed Whopper, Flying Penguins  and the fabulous Patrick Moore and the Jovian Plutonian Effect.  No doubt by the end of today there will be more to add to the list.

Education Centre map San Serriffe

Whether you are into pranks or not today is the perfect day to take something perfectly ordinary that you do every day, or every week and turn it completely on its head.

  • Sing your shopping list as you write it
  • Better still sing the monthly finance report as you write it.  You could even sing it as you present it !
  • Change the newspaper you read for one from the other end of the political spectrum (it’s only for ONE day for goodness sake!)
  • Have breakfast for supper
  • If you are a perfectionist force yourself to allow mistakes to happen and see if the world comes to an end or if indeed you learn something new.
  • It’s election time here in the UK (Sigh I know…)  read the key points of a manifesto of a party you would never dream of voting for.
  • Swap sides of the bed with your partner just for one night
  • Tune into a random radio station, choose it without looking at the dial.
  • Wear odd socks
  • Wear odd shoes (see if anyone notices!)
  • Get on the next bus and see where it goes


Routines are important, they provide structure for our lives, if we had to actually think about putting on our seat belt when we got in the car or brushing our teeth when we get up in the morning our brains would go into overload.  But on the other hand routines can be stifling and restrict growth, innovation and fun.

Do something different – go on !