How to nail that dream not wait for a miracle

How to nail that dream not wait for a miracle

When I was little my mother and I would sometimes go window shopping and on admiring something beautiful but well out of our financial reach we would agree that we would purchase it “when we won the Pools”.

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Some of you may remember the days of the Football Pools.  Like me you may remember them only as the precursor to Dr Who on a Saturday evening, the warning that now was the time to build your protective wall of cushions.  “Partick Thistle Two, St Mirren Nil” was the Dalek alarm.

I imagine that many more of you have no idea of what I am talking, forgive my moment of nostalgic indulgence.   Until the launch of the National Lottery in December 1994 the Football Pools was the gate to instant riches.  Like the Lottery, few people managed to squeeze through it, Viv Nicholson was perhaps the most famous and one of the saddest.

The point of this?  We all dream, I defy anyone who has ever bought a Lottery ticket, a premium bond, done the Pools or bought a raffle ticket to put their hand on their heart and declare that they have not had a few dreams about what they would do with the riches that would be bestowed upon them.

But such riches rarely are bestowed upon us.  The chance of winning the UK National Lottery (all six numbers) is approximately 1 in 14 million.  Granted, that does mean that statistically one person out of 14 million WILL  be the lucky ticket holder and there is no reason why it should not be you, or even me.  However, statistically we are more likely to be in the 14 million.

So why do we wait for miracles?  Why do we sit back and do the same old same old and in the meantime dream of what we will do when we win the Lottery, inherit a couple of million from a long lost uncle, find a lost Picasso in the charity shop?

Our lives are finite and none of us know how finite.  So why waste your life dreaming of something that may never happen?  Surely you would be better served by writing down your dreams and doing a little something each day to bring you closer to that dream rather than relying on the fickle hand of fate to pass you a miracle.

For people truly living on or below the bread line, and sadly there are more and more every day, then the dream will be perhaps more basic and immediate.

For a teenager looking at their future the dream could be wild and apparently impossible, to you I say, it is not.  Did the person who told you to “be realistic” and “dumb down your dream” ever try to live their dream?

For the parent watching their children make their way in the world the dream may be one of absence of danger and fear.

For you or I it could be a dream to make a differences, to be different, to do something different, to go somewhere different.

Whatever your dream is, however big or small, however realistic or apparently impossible – it won’t happen on it’s own and it won’t happen if you rely entirely on miracles.  Miracles do happen, but usually when you encourage them by getting up and doing yourself and then the magic begins.