Guilty Secrets – what they are doing to you

Guilty Secrets – what they are doing to you

Do you have a guilty pleasure?  Do you eat Cadbury’s Flake in the bath as the water pours over the top and the orchestra plays in your garden?  Do you keep a penguin in your bedroom?

There is something about a guilty pleasure that makes it more appealing, the sheer naughtiness of it.  The fact that we conceal it and only tell people about it with a bit of a giggle, hinting at perhaps irony and suggesting that we wouldn’t normally do this, but well, every now and then, well why not have a bit of fun?

I don’t have any guilty pleasures.  I am not a paragon of virtue, but I do not have a single guilty pleasure, not one, not even one that is just so ridiculously awful I am too ashamed to tell you.  And the reason why….

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I don’t believe in them.

I have plenty of pleasures, I just refuse to let any of them make me feel guilty.  I enjoy them to the hilt, I embrace them and I share them.  The more I share the things that make me happy the happier I become and sometimes so do the people I share them with – even if only to hoot with laughter!

So in the interests of honesty and transparency here are some of my pleasures that don’t make me feel guilty:

  • Eating Biscoff spread out of the jar with a dessert spoon
  • Reading Closer, Now and the like and not just at the hairdressers
  • Disaster movies, not just blockbusters but ANY disaster movie however awful it is.
  • Perfume.  I am a perfume snob and would be horrified to discover somebody either knew the perfume I was wearing or heaven forbid was wearing it themselves.
  • Cheese fondue sachets
  • Tempting one of the cats onto my back with catnip for a free cat massage
  • Traveling first class on the train to London reading a trashy novel and drinking the free chilled white wine at 11.30 in the morning
  • Putting the towels in the tumble drier even on a hot sunny day so that they are soft and fluffy
  • Singing along to old songs on You Tube with the lyrics on a split screen
  • Bloody Mary for breakfast

Savour the things that give you pleasure, share them don’t hide them.