Fabulous Friends Friday

Fabulous Friends Friday

Have you got any fabulous friends?  I know I have.  Whether you see them every day or once in a blue moon somehow it doesn’t matter.  The friends who can take one look at you and know that it doesn’t matter what they say or do you are in such a filthy mood that conversation is impossible and bring cake instead.  The friend who listened to approximately 85 hours of minute examination of the reasons why the Shit Bag left you for the Old Hag.  The friend that always remembers your birthday, just sometimes a couple of weeks afterwards 🙂

When did you last tell them they were a fabulous friend? Go and get a postcard, it could be funny, pretty, artistic, political, rude, abstract …. it really doesn’t matter.  They are your friend, you know what they would like.

A postcard is just the right size to fit in a bit of your own news and ask about theirs if you haven’t seen them for a while, or just to say Hi!  if you have. Receiving a card (not an email) in the post that has been written to you and for you is uplifting. Most of our news is sent via emails or texts or on social media. Lovely though it is to be able to keep up instantly with friends and family around the world it is not quite the same as receiving a hand written card. Nor can you pin an email on the wall!


One of the cards in my collection waiting to be sent out today to one of my fabulous friends.

You never know, they might send you a card or letter back or even give you a call and then you can feel special as well.