Do you want to be more?

Do you want to be more?


According to the author Malcolm Gladwell you would need to earn approximately 2.5 times more as an employee than you do as an entrepreneur to maintain the same level of happiness. Research has also shown that you also need to maintain an average environmental temperature of 14 degrees centigrade to achieve maximum happiness. So if you are an entrepreneur in the north east of England you are probably one of the happiest people in the world ! Congratulations.

Who wants a clear and profitable future? Hands up.

Who wants to leave a legacy, not necessarily a financial one, maybe a meaningful one – to be remembered?

If I told you I could help you get going along that path in less than two hours would you sign up?

Even if you have your cradle to grave path mapped out would you take up the chance to see if you can make it straighter / clearer / more focussed / more profitable? Put you hands up if you wouldn’t?

The point is that we all want to be better. It doesn’t matter what better means to you, whether it is financial, environmental, physical, emotional or that you have more friends who own artisan breweries. It doesn’t matter where we are starting from, Bill Gates and the bloke in the newsagent – they both want better than where they are now. Their betters will be different, but the desire is the same. Even people we consider to be givers, the altruists of the world, they do what they do because it makes them feel better. Mother Theresa, perhaps one of the most famous altruists loved what she did, you could see it in her face and when we love what we do we want to it the best we possibly can.

I’m good at making people do things better and as a result I’m good making them make themselves happier. And that’s the key. You have to want to make the changes, it isn’t hard. I think those who came along to my taster session will agree I don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. In fact I don’t make anyone do anything. I allow people to think a little differently. That probably sounds pretentious but it is true. And it’s vital because we spend so much of our lives living up to the dreams and expectations of other people and not ourselves. By the time we get to our age and have multiple responsibilities, the idea of doing something because we love it and it makes us happy is completely alien.

You don’t have to have hit rock bottom to need to move up, mediocre is just as good a place to start, everyone gets a bit lost, everyone can do with a helping hand. Accountants, medics have to undertake regular training to keep on top of their game. Car mechanics, IT professionals need to keep up to date with changes in technology, Lawyers, bless their cotton socks, have to keep up with the likes of Lord Denning.

But what about you, when was the last time you undertook any personal CPD? You hone your professional skills, but however good your professional skills are they can never exceed your personal strength, resilience and vision. Polish them and you’re sorted.