Be careful what you think, it might just happen

Be careful what you think, it might just happen


Be careful what you are thinking…..  it might just happen.  Last Friday I got up at 6am to attend a networking meeting. It is only the third one I have been to so I am a relative newbie. On the way I idly wondered who would be giving the 10 minute talk and what I would talk about when it was finally my turn.

My turn came a lot sooner than I had expected. There was no speaker that morning – so asked Rachel – would I like to do it? “No thank you,” didn’t seem to be an option.

So I subjected my colleagues to a summary of the benefits of laughter, debunked any fears they had that laughter yoga involved standing on their head and laughing at the same time and made them play some silly games.

I sent them all off for a day’s work with big grins on their faces, well exercised diaphragms and huge lungfuls of oxygen.

To be fair standing up and giving a talk at no notice is not exactly right out of my comfort zone but it was still a bit of a nerve wracking moment. However, all those people will remember this morning and more importantly will remember me. They will remember how good they felt after a proper laugh and hopefully will associate me with that memory.

If you remain forever in your comfort zone you will indeed be comfortable but unless you take some risks you will never know what you can do. You will never experience the surge of adrenalin when you take that step into the unknown and you will never experience the wild elation when that step takes you places you had only dreamed of. Granted you will never experience failure, but all failure is is the opportunity to learn and grow. Stuck inside your comfort zone you will never be able to grow.