Not sloe but slow

Not sloe but slow

4th December 2015



My fruit has been soaking in brandy for so long that I may have to serve the Christmas pudding with a health warning. It was not intentional, but somehow I have not got around to baking just yet. Too much to do.

But if I look back over the past week it wasn’t so much that there was too much to do but that there were things I would rather do and then in the evening I was just too tired and couldn’t be bothered.

Is that how you feel? So much to do and so little time. But there is always the same amount of time in a day and days in a week. Stop today. Just stop for ten minutes. Sit down, put on the kettle and stare out of the window for a while. Watch the birds they manage – so can you. Slow down.

Love Gillie x