The death of the paper angel

The death of the paper angel

2nd December 2015



Yesterday I was talking to a lady who was asking for advice in dealing with the huge number of pieces of artwork brought home by her children from school. I remember those days well and the same dilemma. Now my children are much older I secretly long for the wobbly angels, the egg carton and tin foil bells. Our handmade decorations are very fragile now. I still keep them but only a handful are brought out each year to keep them going just a little longer.

Magazines and television programmes are full of ideas on how to have the perfectly decorated home. Granted, the tendency now is for a handmade Christmas, but the handmade suggested by the glossy magazines and flashy television programmes are not the handmade of our youth.

Yet if you look over your decorations as they come down from the attic, which are the ones you love most? The last remaining baubles from your childhood? The wobbly angels? Or the glossy flash number you bought last year?

Before you rush out to buy the ingredients for the perfect handmade nativity or for the matching baubles for the colour co-ordinated tree. Stop, look at what you have, remember when you got them and decorate your home with happy memories as well as glitter.

I have bought my daughters a new tree decoration every year. Just one each. Buy now they have enough to decorate the tree all on their own! If you have to buy new decorations do it with purpose and love.

Love Gillie x