Multitasking is killing your dreams

Multitasking is killing your dreams

As anyone who wears glasses will attest there is little more irritating than a scratch on your lens.  Grubby finger marks can be wiped away but a scratch is permanent, leaves a blur across your vision and once you know it is there, like an itch it seems to grow exponentially every minute.


Focusing on anything becomes increasingly difficult as the blur across your vision begins to take on a life of its own.  In today’s technologically busy world maintaining focus on your goals can be just as hard.  I don’t need to list the social media, newsfeeds, games and so forth that can timesuck their way into your life leaving a vacuum behind them that just seems to draw in more of the same.  A vicious circle grows and grows feeding on its own power and by the end of the day you have achieved only a fraction of what you set out to do.

Achieving those dreams, those wild and wonderful ideas that you know will set your heart alight, is not going to happen without some input from you (see here on Miracles).  If you are planning to do a handful of things that might take you closer to your dreams each day and they fall off the bottom of your to do list because your lack of focus distracted you then those dreams are going to float away and land on somebody else’s shore instead.

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If you take one lesson away from this post I hope it will be KILL MULTITASKING.  Just in case I didn’t say that quite loud enough



We have been trained to believe that multitasking is good.  Multitasking is how we get so much more done in our lives.  But is it really?  If you are doing two things at once are you giving both of them your full attention?  How many times have you let a meal burn, even if it were only slightly singed, because you were emptying the dishwasher or helping with homework?  Okay so maybe those are only little things.  But let’s put this in perspective.

How happy would you be if the following people were multitasking?

  • surgeon
  • airline pilot
  • car driver (don’t text and drive….)
  • the climber above you on the rope
  • the playground supervisor
  • the lifeguard
  • the lawyer drafting your will

Why is what they do so much more important than what you do?  Why are their jobs more important than your dreams?  The answer is they are not more important they are ALL important.  In multitasking you do yourself a disservice, the job is never done as well as it can be and may even have to be repeated.  In concentrating on one job at a time, in focusing on the job in hand and only the job in hand you complete it faster and more efficiently.

Try it for one day.  Don’t  multitask at all.  Do one thing at a time, and be mindful of the job as you do it.  Then compare how much you got done compared to yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Multitasking is killing your dreams

  1. Thanks Gillie, I wrote my plan for today tonight and plan to tackle it one thing at a time, thanks for the timely reminder and support

  2. I love the ideas in this blog Gillie! I am the queen of multitasking and I create ridiculously optimistc daily ‘to do’ lists! I will take your challenge and really try hard to focus fully on one thing at a time at least for tomorrow, just to see how it feels! Thank you 🙂