How long is that list?

How long is that list?

1st December 2015


The first day of December, the shops and streets have been decorated for weeks, sometimes it seems as if Christmas has already been and gone the shops have been sparkling for so long. Soon the the Christmas cards will be dropping through the letterbox.

How long is your Christmas card list? Do you really know, as in would love to catch up with them again, all the people on your list? When you write “let’s catch up next year, it’s been too long” Do you really mean it?

I love cards with letters, even the circular ones. I love to hear news and see pictures of friends. I love short handwritten notes.

When you write your cards this year why not prune your list to those you really do want to catch up with. With a shorter list take the extra time to write a note in the card. Make it more than just a pretty card, make it a message of love and friendship from you to them.

Love Gillie x