9 February

As we are working our way through the senses today we are looking at touch. Stop what you are doing right now and touch the things around you. The surface that your computer is on. The clothes you are wearing. The seat upon which you are sitting. The floor beneath your feet. What do they really feel like? Are they smooth, soft, hard, scratchy, hot, cold, bumpy?  Which ones do you like? Which ones were a bit “eugh”?

My table is smooth birch and my hands glide easily across it. It is quite cool despite the sunlight pouring in the window upon it. It feels calm. My clothes are all bamboo, they are soft and feel nurturing. The floor is pitch pine, but I can feel the floorboard edges with my feet and it is a bit scratchy with wear. My seat is a fine corduroy and actually, on running my hands across it I am not sure how much I like it, but as it is only my (dressed) bottom that comes into contact with it I am not too concerned about that!

We have two dogs, a Jack Russell and a Newfoundland. When the Newfie comes back from the dog groomer she is like a big fluffy bear with wonderfully soft hair and everyone wants to stroke and cuddle her. The day before she goes in she has had three months to build up her undercoat, get dirty, roll in stuff and she is less attractive to the touch. Move around your home and discover what you have that is pre-dog groomer and what is post-dog groomer.

You can’t eliminate everything you don’t like the feel of. A cheese grater is quite a useful object after all! However if you don’t like walking barefoot across a room, then why not? Is there something you could do to make it more pleasant for you? Put down a rug, take up a rug? What about your shower curtain? Do you find yourself standing in the shower in such as way that it doesn’t touch you? Can you change it?

Sometimes gnarled and old is lovely, think of holding an elderly relative’s hand when you were a child and they guided you across the road or hugged you when you arrived to visit. Some things in your house are lovely to the touch just because they are lumpy and bumpy, a well loved book with a tattered dust jacket for example. It doesn’t feel pristine because it has been read and loved so much. Some things are better when soft and gentle. Drying oneself with a thin scratchy towel is rarely a pleasant experience.

Go on a journey of touch today.