8 January


One of my favourite jobs at the beginning of every year is to hang up my new calendar. I have always had the same one. A Dodo Pad wall hanger, as a family of five it was the perfect size and allowed everyone to have their own column and the silly puns and cartoons were an added bonus.

However, it isn’t just the hanging up of the calendar on the kitchen wall that I love. It is taking down the old one and going through it. I write everybody’s birthday on the calendar and for nieces, nephews, godchildren and so on I update their age next to their name so I don’t have to do a long chronological calculation before I buy their present.

As I go through the calendar copying over dates and ages I can see all the things we did over the course of the previous year. Not just the big things like holidays and concerts, but little things. Like the first meeting with a new client who is now a close friend, or the lunch party when I forgot to cook the roast potatoes and everyone sat out in the garden until mid afternoon. Yes there will be sad memories too, funerals, partings. But they are part of life and those events will have helped make me who I am today.

Before you consign last year’s diary or calendar to the recycling bin take some time to look through it. Enjoy the happy memories and be grateful you have come through the sad ones.

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