8 February

Moving on from colour. What can you smell? And most importantly do you like it? Scent preference is highly personal Some smells, generally considered to be unpleasant such as petrol or sweat are favourite odours, whilst other people find the smell of some flowers for example highly unpleasant. My children love the smell of ironing. I was ironing this weekend and two of them came in independently and sighed and said how much they loved the smell.

Spend some time today sniffing around your home. Sniff your pillow in the morning when you wake, sniff your washing up liquid, sniff your curtains, your books, just sniff, as much as you can. It is only through experience that you will discover the smells that you like. You may know that you love certain perfumes and can’t stand others. There may be some cooking smells that make you curl and smile and others that make you want to curl up and die. But what about your sofa, or wherever you sit to relax – does it smell good?

Once you have identified the places and things you like the smell of and those which you would rather avoid you can start to think about how you can overcome those dodgy areas and emphasise the ones you love. Perhaps you have an old leather sofa which smells divine, but your hallway smells a little like soggy dog. There may be a scented candle that reminds your of old leather (you would be surprised what there is out there) or maybe you know you love the scent of hyacinths – well this is the best time of year to pick up the planted bulbs that didn’t get bought up at Christmas (I currently have three that cost me £1 for all of them).

Move things around, discover what your olfactory dreams are and bring them to the front and tuck the necessary but not so gorgeous, to you, smells where they are less likely to get in the way of that delicious smell of old sofa.

One thought on “8 February

  1. I live in the city, and unfortunately this one in particular smells really bad. Mostly a mix of exhaust, sewage, and off fish 🙁 I do my best with scents in my home so that the city smells stay out! Also I don’t plan on living here forever so once I move that should fix the ‘stinky city’ issue.
    Scents I love: musk (have some candles with this, love them. Also must get my boyfriend to stay over more as he smells all musky too!); the lovely warm smell my house gets when I’ve been cooking tomato and paprika-based dishes, the heady scent of really dark roses, and in contrast, also the artificial scent companies like to call ‘fresh linen’ or ‘oxygen’.
    Scents that a lot of people may love but I don’t: lavender (unfortunately associated with too many bad childhood memories), coconut (medicine flavour when I was a kid, icky), and bergamot (no idea why on this one).