7 January

I love notebooks. When I was a little girl I thought about becoming a teacher purely because they had a stationery cupboard. There is something about fresh paper, for me unlined, and a pretty cover that is just so delicious. Many companies have made a lot of money out of my search for the perfect notebook.

Today I have several notebooks, all have a specific purpose and some are more glamorous than others, but they are all equally loved and well used. There is one that comes everywhere with me. It is my jotter pad I suppose. This particular one fits in a battered leather binder in with my diary. It is big enough to be able to make notes that don’t require a magnifying glass to read but small enough to be able to carry around in my handbag without giving me back ache.


Today I want you to find a notebook that fits the description above. Don’t make it too big and hardback is not a good idea because then there is the risk that you won’t carry it around with you every day. You are going to need it every day. Because from now on I want you to look wider, listen harder and make notes.

How many times have you heard a quote and then forgotten it? How many times have you seen the perfect colour of paint on a building and forgotten where it was? How many times has somebody recommended a book or an article, and yes, you forgot the author. When you walked round your house yesterday and noted what changes you might be able to make to some of the rooms did you write them down? Did you write down how the rooms felt or how you wanted them to feel? Even if you did, can you find the piece of paper you wrote them on?

This little notebook is your first step towards realising your dreams by helping you to remember the things that make your heart sing. That song playing on the radio, the unusual flower in the florists, the rich colour of a winter coat that the woman across the road was wearing. Note them down.

Remember those dreams I asked to you list on New Year’s Day? Write them down at the back of your notebook where you can easily find them. Stick in a picture, a visualisation of your dream, write your affirmation underneath (remember the three Ps make it Personal, Present tense and Positive). Look at them every day, make them part of your life now. On the bus, in the queue at the Post Office. If you have your notebook with you all the time you will never be short of something uplifting to read.