7 February

As I write there are 34 minutes until sunset. The days are getting longer but it is a bit of a wait until we are at the stage of long languid summer evenings. However, instead we are blessed with the most magical light. The fields are almost golden. If I didn’t know that it was February I could believe that we were almost ready for harvest. If I raise my eyes from the fields there is the most gentlest of baby pink across the horizon which melts into a clear blue sky. Who said winter in England was grey?

Some of you might remember the first time you saw a colour television. I can remember the day that the man from Radio Rentals arrived with ours. It was a big occasion and only a handful of the programmes were made in colour anyway. There were special, highly colourful films, often about exotic foods or exotic places called trade test colour films broadcast on BBC 2 between the scheduled programmes and used by engineers to test the colours of the new colour television. I loved them and was transfixed by the colour images on our small screen.

Colour is important, it is well known that colours can affect our moods. People are more productive in blue rooms, whereas yellow enhances concentration which it is why it is used for the American legal pads. There is plenty of information about the psychology of colour available on the internet. Have a look at it and see where injecting a little bit of colour into your life might make a difference to how you feel. Perhaps your bedroom is in need of calming, your kitchen in need of refreshing. The coat you loved when you bought it but never wear – could it be the colour doesn’t “do” anything for you? What colours predominate in your wardrobe? What colours lift you? Are there enough of them in your life?

2 thoughts on “7 February

  1. I find it tricky, living in a rental property, when the standard here is to have everything painted white… It just feels cold, not calming. The other day I saw a bedroom on the TV that was shades of chocolate and purple, and lots of textures – it looked so cosy! I am adding that kind of room to my visualisation of the kind of life that I would like to have. Will get there one day 🙂

  2. I also find it funny, mostly I wear black or grey and I actually really like wearing these. But nearly everything in life I see as colours, even sounds, days of the week etc (I think you commented on your old blog that you see Tuesday as yellow – mine is blue 🙂 ) So I don’t really like dressing myself in colours as it seems a bit of a stark alignment to all the other things I associate with that colour! Sounds strange but works for me 🙂