5 February

After the shock of yesterday I have been keeping a close eye on River. She appears much recovered, has developed a passion for scrambled egg and, fortunately, is showing no interest in her stitches. Even in our rather large house a Newfoundland with a massive lampshade collar would be somewhat inconvenient for everyone including River.

But most of all I am grateful. I am grateful for that sock, I am grateful for the staff at the vets, I am grateful we could afford to have her treated, I am grateful for River and all the joy she brings to us.

Get out your notebook, by now I hope that it is becoming pleasantly dog eared with regular use. Write down ten things for which you are grateful and why. Read over them, think about them and really feel that gratitude. If it helps here are mine for today.

  1.  All the people who saved River’s life yesterday.
  2. The sock that River ate and alerted us to her tumour
  3. The marvellous day I had yesterday at a workshop.
  4. The friend who introduced me to the lady who owns the business who ran the workshop.
  5. That I have and can afford to run a reliable car, otherwise I would never have been able to get to the workshop in a lovely but remote part of Northumberland.
  6. The automatic traffic alerts on my car radio that helped me avoid some huge traffic jams on the way home.
  7. The fantastic student who is tutoring one of my daughters and who gets on so well with her.
  8. Knitting because it gives me such pleasure.
  9. The wonderful people who have bought a property we have had on the market for quite a while.
  10. My husband – always.

Number ten is always the same!