4 January

“Here I am” But are you?

We all know that feeling when we get in the car and realise we have arrived at our destination without even noticing what we were doing. It’s slightly scary and occasionally quite irritating when part way through the journey you realise that you actually were intending to go somewhere entirely different.

It is a lot more than irritating if that is how you are living your life. Bumbling along on autopilot and going in entirely the wrong direction and not even noticing the view as you go. We all do it. Sometimes it’s a protective measure and can be helpful. But not all the time, not all of your life.

You have brushed away the cobwebs and identified your dreams, but that is all for nowt if you don’t open your eyes and see where you are going. Scarlett O’Hara was quite right when she said “Tomorrow is another day”. It is indeed and it is not today. Today is today and if you are thinking about tomorrow or indeed yesterday, then today will pass you by and it will never come back.

Start your new year in the here and now. Be here. Say “Here I am” and know that you mean it.