31 January

Earlier this month I asked to you try and create a new habit. On the 9th of January I asked you to slow down, to stop trying to do everything, to stop multitasking and to do one thing at a time and do it well. As I said yesterday we are told it takes 21 days to turn an action into a habit. You have had 21 days. Have you created a new habit?

Do you drive a little more slowly and notice the pedestrians? This weekend was very cold and wet, the snow has started to melt but on Saturday morning it was sleeting and rather grey.   My husband was driving and I was checking the weather forecast on my phone. I looked up to see a young man running through the streets of Durham. Nothing particularly unusual in that other than the fact he was completely naked – not even any shoes. It was quite an arresting sight although the first thing that came to my mind was how cold he must have been. My point however, is that I imagine that several people in our line of traffic never even noticed him they were too busy driving just a little too fast in order to get wherever they were going just a few minutes earlier.

Live life in the slow lane and you never know what you might see.