29 January

Today we are going to look at the physical stuff that irritates us. Do you remember that shelf you cleared? How did it feel to have that space? I find it quite liberating to be able to look across a room and not see things everywhere but to be able to see the surfaces, appreciate the shapes that the space makes around the few things that are there.

Look at the surfaces in your home. Kitchen units, tables, chests of drawers, windowsills, even the top of the fridge. How much stuff is there? Take it all down, yes, every single item. Dust and if necessary, give the surfaces a good clean and polish. Love them a little, give them a cuddle.

Don’t rush to replace the things you took down. If you can bear to leave them empty for a day or two, all the better. If you can’t, then return only the absolute essentials; the things that you use every day.

Sort the rest into two piles, that which you know now that you don’t want to keep and the rest. Put the rest into a box and put it away. Gradually you will find there are one or two things that you miss or need. After six months (don’t worry I’ll remind you when) go back and reassess whether you want to keep them after all.

In the meantime, enjoy the space and as the winter light gradually turns to a brighter spring light enjoy the way it plays around the space between the things that you love.