26 January


Today we are going to start cuddling your house. Get your notebook, the one that you used on January 5 to write down how you wanted your house to look, to feel, to smell. Flick back to those notes and choose one of your rooms. This is the room you are going to cuddle today.

Look at your notes, read them over and over. Now close your eyes and imagine how your room would be if it had already been cuddled. Start in one corner and starting at the top work your way down to the floor. What would you move, would you keep the furniture there or perhaps move it and have some space, or some floor cushions? Would you have a bookcase, or maybe a side table next to the chair for your mug and your book. Now open your eyes and play spot the difference. Quickly write down all the things that are different between your dream one and the one you are looking at right now. Turn ninety degrees and repeat the process until you have gone full circle around your room.

You now have your dream room roadmap. You can see where you are now, you know where you want to be and you have identified all the bits that don’t match up. You may not be able to make all the changes right now, but there will be some. You can take down that print, you can move the chair. Bookcases and shelves can be cleared. Cushion covers are easy to make, even a throw can change the feel of a room.   Plants and flowers can transform dull corner and lighting can work magic. Just clearing a surface of clutter can be an amazing distress tool.

Yesterday you cuddled yourself. Today cuddle a room and it will cuddle you back.