2 January

I have kept a diary on and off for most of my life. During the past 18 months we have been undertaking a hardcore declutter, there was far too much stuff in our lives that was getting in the way of moving forward. One of the boxes I unearthed contained all my diaries. Oh my it was a shock to see myself staring back at me.

The childhood ones were lovely. Entries such as “Palyed [I think that was meant to be played] with Georgina”, graduated to “I am not BFs with Clarrie anymore” and finally “How on earth am I supposed to get a boyfriend if I go to an all girl school?” That last one concerned me for quite a few entries.

The late teens and early twenties were excruciating. I was so self absorbed and wrote pages and pages of introverted angst. Later entries became shorter and more to the point, I think having children under my feet curtailed my opportunities for long introspective essays.

What was interesting was discovering little things I had forgotten and I did have a pleasant couple of hours reading them in front of the fire. Then I threw them in the fire. Not all of them. I kept the childhood ones and the ones I wrote when I was a volunteer in Africa but the rest I burned. It had been interesting to read them but they represented a me that had gone, and for the most part I was glad to see the back of her. They had served their therapeutic purpose when I wrote them and they served that same purpose as I watched them burn.

What are you keeping that you could let go? It doesn’t have to be something physical like my diaries, it might be somebody you haven’t forgiven, it might be a grudge, an attitude, a learned behaviour.

Let it go. There is only so much room in your life. If you are to enter the coming year ready to receive all it has to give you, every experience, every opportunity, every emotion then you have to let go of that which you no longer need and make space for the new.

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