2 February

Do you have an evening routine? Does it go something like this:

  •  Eat supper whilst watching the news on the television.
  • Put plates in the dishwasher
  • Pull shirt from washing pile and iron it for tomorrow
  • Pour another glass of wine
  • Collapse in front of television
  • Crawl up to bed
  • Toss and turn
  • Finally fall asleep

Even if the picture above isn’t exactly the same as your own evening routine, I imagine that much of it may be. Can you see why you are tossing and turning before you eventually go to sleep? You haven’t had any genuine down time, your brain hasn’t had a chance to sort through the experiences of the day and file away the things it wants to keep. Instead it is forced to either keep the lot or do one big file dump and lose it all.

This month’s habit (21 days remember) is to focus on your evening routine and build in some time for your brain and your body to genuinely relax.

There are some things you may have to do every evening. These could include:

  •  Check up on an elderly relative or neighbour
  • Let out the dogs
  • Check homework or music practice
  • Lay out school uniform and bags

There are some things you may like to do every evening, such as:

  •  Watch a favourite television programme
  • Enjoy a glass of wine
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Catch up on Facebook
  • Knit

The key is to plan so that the things that you have to do don’t take up so much time that you can’t do the things you want to do. Collapsing in front of the television exhausted and watching whatever is on is not the same as choosing to watch a particular programme and actually watching and enjoying it.

Today just make a note (in that very useful notebook of yours) of how you spend your evening, don’t make any changes, just spend the evening as you usually do and keep track of how you spent your time.