17 January

If you are still struggling to use your notebook, if you open it and your pen hovers nervously over the page then perhaps this exercise might help you.

Today you and your notebook are going to live your dream life. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Write a story of your day in as much detail as possible. Where do you wake up (whom do you wake up with)? What do you have for breakfast, do you prepare it yourself, pick it fresh from the garden or does somebody bring it to you in bed? What do you wear, what is the weather like where you live? Are you wearing a sarong, hiking boots, cashmere jumper and woolly hat, silk dress or jeans and a tee-shirt. Do you work, are you having a day off, do you not work at all? Who do you meet, where do you meet them? Are you having business meetings or socialising with friends? Is it a special occasion, is there a special party or event that day? Do you drive (what do you drive)? Do you walk, do you have a bicycle or motorbike? Do you take a class or perhaps you lead a class?

Take yourself into your corner, pour yourself a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a glass of fruit juice or sparkling water and start to dream. Be as specific as possible, if you enjoy drawing then draw your dream day. The important thing is to get it down on paper in a way that you can read it back. You can live that day over and over again until it is part of you.

This is your inner sat nav. The little voice that tells you to turn around as soon as possible. The little voice that will remind you time and time again what your perfect day looks like. You can only manifest what you know and the better you know it, the more intimate you are with the finest details the easier it is to recognise the steps that will get you there.