16 January

How are you getting on with your notebook? Have you written much in it yet? The clue to the good use of a notebook is in the name. NOTEbook. You write/draw/doodle notes of things you have noticed.   You can’t notice things if you are running around, if you have your eyes closed, if you don’t listen, if you are on autopilot.

Your notebook is your life book. It doesn’t hold your appointments or the dates of your friends’ birthdays. It holds all the things, big and small that are important to you. The things that influence you, attract you, intrigue you, make you who you are. Books you want to read, quotes that resonate with you. Colours that lift your heart, snippets of information about somewhere you might want to visit. Ideas for gifts for people you love. Pictures that catch your eye, an address of a long lost friend. Your dreams, the goals that would turn your life around. Ideas for crafts, repairs or upcycling. A song you heard on the radio, the name of a comedian who had you rolling in the aisles.

If you haven’t got your notebook yet, or you have it but it is sitting there neat and empty, then get it out. Doodle all over the first page, it doesn’t matter what you write or draw, use lots of colour if you like, or maybe you prefer thin black line drawings. What matters is that you cover the page, you start to use your book.

Often people buy a beautiful notebook but then never use it because it is too lovely to spoil and they are waiting for that ah ha moment when the perfect use for their perfect notebook will spring to mind. Believe me, it won’t, and your beautiful notebook will remain beautiful on the outside but will never have beauty inside.

Scribble over the first page, fill it with nonsense if you like but fill it. Once you have filled the first page, the rest will be easy. It isn’t meant to be perfect. It is meant to be you.

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