15 February

By now I hope you are getting to know yourself, what you like, which senses you use most and are starting to build an idea of what makes your heart sing.

Singing is something I do a lot, I don’t mean I waltz across the stage at the Royal Opera House or I give it welly at the O2. I just sing as I go about my daily business. My eldest daughter once wrote in a school book that “Mummy sings silly songs”. Indeed I do, I am wont to make up silly ditties, they make me smile and occasionally have the same effect on other people. As compliments go I was rather pleased with that one.

The benefits of singing, both physical and psychological are well documented. As you sing you increase the amount of oxygen you breath in which in turn makes you more alert as the brain reaps the benefit. Your facial muscles get a good workout as do those of your ribcage, back and abdomen. Mentally it helps to disperse that mental chatter that so often takes over, you become in the moment and less distracted. Singing can be a huge emotional release and it encourages the release of endorphins, those feel good hormones.

So when we talk about finding what makes our heart sing we are talking about finding the things that really lift us, emotionally, physically and mentally to another plane.

Let rip today, whether it’s Wagner, Lloyd Webber or Beyonce. Sing, sing out loud and see where it takes you.