13 January


A few days ago I saw that a blogger I have been following for several years was running a year long course alongside several other experts in the same field. I would have loved to have taken part and the timing was perfect. However, right now cash flow is tight and I knew I had to pass.

The course description was excellent and listed all the subject areas to be covered during each month. I thought that even if I couldn’t actually take the course I could use the outline to challenge myself to brush up on those areas each month. I wouldn’t get the input from the experts, the webinairs and the materials, but it would be good discipline to make myself brush up on a specific subject each month.

I wrote a comment and mentioned that I hoped that the course would be repeated next year. Within 12 hours I had an email offering me a place on the course for free. I was devastated, that was not why I had posted and I replied immediately. A lovely reply winged back assuring me that they knew that wasn’t why I had posted but the offer was still open. Of course I took it up and am excitedly waiting for the course to begin.

A random act of kindness from a stranger. Or was it? Recently I have found myself in situations where opportunities I could never have imagined have been seemingly handed to me on a plate. I have met people who were looking for just the service I was offering, or a friend posts a link to an event looking for a speaker just like me.

I don’t believe it is random. I believe that when we are in tune with our needs and our desires and put those needs and desires out to the Universe, God, Higher Being, you choose; then the Universe responds.

You have all year to put this into practice and see if it makes a difference to your life.and tomorrow we are going to start looking at how you can do this.   Meanwhile, spend today practicing one of my favourite yoga positions. It requires almost more muscles than any other position. Very gently raise each corner of your mouth as if they are reaching towards your forehead. Imagine a line from each corner going directly into your eyes and lighting them up from the inside. Smile.