12 February

Now you have worked your way through the five senses and hopefully have identified the things that you enjoy, and indeed don’t enjoy it is time to apply your new found knowledge.

Return to the room that you cuddled a few days ago. Move around, sit down, lie on the floor, or the bed or the sofa, look out of the window, smell the air. How does it compare to the sense inventory you compiled over the past few days?

Do the furnishings and floor feel the way you would like them too. Is the light appealing or too dark or too bright? What can you hear? Would music help or hinder your mood. Do you like the scent of rich incense or fresh air and fresh flowers.

You now have a guide, a route map to the perfect room. You know what you love and what appeals to all your senses.

Rome was not built in a day and you can’t turn your room into Paradise overnight, but at least now you know what you are aiming for. As you are out and about and you see something you love, check it against your route map. Does it add to your sensory delight or not. If it doesn’t, then however pretty it may be it’s not for you and you can save your money for something that will truly make your heart sing.